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Saturday, 13 October 2012


Mehsana is one of the largest cities in North Gujarat situated near Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Meshana is the district headquarters with an area of 9027 sq. km. It was founded by King Meshaji. It is the migration hub for South Indian peoples and has a temple of Lord Ayyappa. There are many beautiful churches in Mehsana. The Mehsana Church is very famous for 'miracles' to the devotees. Dudhsagar Co-operative milk dairy of Mehsana has one of the highest milk collections in India . Mehsana is also known for high-tech educational institution, Ganpat Vidhyanagar. 
This place has a numerous serene temples around and is an ancient town in India.  The major industry of this town is cattle feed and dairy farm. The famous Dudhsagar dairy is situated here only. 900 years Sun Temple reflects the architectural values of Indian temple and workmanship. There are many Jain temples also in the town. Its Thol Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 7 km² is home to variety of wildfowl, flamingos, gray pelicans, black ibis and other wetland birds. 

It serves people with great importance on agriculture and business Treder. A number of primary industries like dairy, and oil and natural gas are situated in or around the city. Mehsana is also famous for its local Mehsani buffalo breed, its first water park in Eurasia (the largest water park in Gujarat), and the largest iron and steel market in India.  The building of Dudhsagar dairy farm explores an aesthetic structure of architectural challenges and sets an example to those interested in architecture. Swaminarayan Temple, located near Radhanpur Chokdi in Mehsana is a milestone for its extraordinary architecture and its design. The main important spiritual fact of this city is the 12 feet high, white coloured idol of Bhagvan Seemandhar Swami in the padmasana posture famously known as the Mehsana Teeth is the main attraction of the city. Wide-Angle Theatre in Nagalpur suburb is the first Multiplex theatre in Mehsana and is drawing the attention of all people residing in or around Mehsana. Interesting places to visit are Bahucharaji Temple, Siddhapur, Tarangaji - Jain Tirth, Haveli at Siddhapur, Bindu Sarovar, Kapilashram, Govind Mahadev Temple, Ambaji Temple etc..